52″ Laser Light Bar with Rectangular Reflector Cup

52″ Laser Light Bar with Rectangular Reflector Cup

Model: JG-9625F
Voltage: 10-30V DC
Color temperature: 6000K
Waterproof&Dustproof: IP 68
Chip:7W each Osram P8D chip and 20W/pcs laser chip
Material: Diecasting aluminum alloy housing
Mounting Bracket: 306 Stainless steel bracket
Beam: Driving Beam
Housing color: Black
Lens material: PC
Life time:80000+ hours
Light distance:1400-2000M@1LUX

SCIENTIFIC LIGHTING DISTRIBUTION: middle chip glow, rectangular large refraction light cup design, which is different from the traditional straight reflective round lamp cup design, high emissivity, brightness increased by more than 50%, large refraction angle, wider paving effect, and not easy to produce dazzling Phenomenon to improve driving safety.


NEW UPDATE LASER CHIPS:The middle part of the product adopts the latest 10W/laser chip design, with a small light-emitting angle and an auxiliary 3° large lens design. The irradiation distance is super far, which can reach about 1400-2000M, and it is truly a perfect design with a wide irradiation range and a long irradiation distance; 2 sides use OSRAM P8 chip, the chip brightness can reach about 140lm/w, high brightness, strong stability, low light decay, long service life, more than 80,000 hours.


BROWN LIGHTING REFLECTOR DESIGN:The brown lamp cup design has been treated with three sprays of oil and paint to improve the refraction efficiency, and the overall appearance is more stable and textured.


MILITARY BREATHING HOLE:The military breathing hole design further improves the heat dissipation and can effectively prevent the generation of fog.


PC LENS: It adopts high-strength hard PC mask with light transmittance of more than 97%, and it is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is more suitable for various harsh wind and sand environments, and there will be no grinding cracks like ordinary masks.


BOTTOM BRACKET+SIDE BRACKET: Three-hole screw side cover bracket design, you can adjust the price at will, different from the ordinary single-threaded bracket design, more stable.


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